The Lucy Rayner Foundation, PO Box 419 , REIGATE , RH2 2DT

About Lucy

About Lucy

Lucy Marie Rayner, a beautiful, sensitive soul, a daughter, a sister, a girlfriend, a grand daughter, a cousin, an auntie, a best friend, a helper, a hard worker, a diva, a perfectionist, a wild child, a risk taker, a party animal, the list goes on. Lucy took her own life on the 5th May 2012, aged 22 years.

No one saw it coming. It was a total surprise to us all.

As heart broken as we all are, she explained how she felt in the letter she left in the moments before she took her own life. She loved us all but she didn’t love herself or her life, it was a struggle for her and she wanted some peace.

We all knew that she had mood swings and she did go to the doctor but she was not diagnosed as having depression or any form of mental illness.

Lucy didn’t talk about her feelings and found it hard expressing her emotions. This page is set up in memory of Lucy and for those who want to help donate and express their love and support for the ‘The Lucy Rayner Foundation’.

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