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Two of our key objectives are to provide emotional support for young adults with mental health problems and their families, and to help build emotional resilience and stamina in our young adults to enable them to thrive in society.

Our growing list of services listed below provide practical and accessible help, if you are interested in any of them, please get in touch.


6 Weeks of 1-1 Counselling with a Trained Counsellor

The Lucy Rayner Foundation funds a team of qualified counsellors who help young people by working with them in a safe, therapeutic environment. They offer a minimum of six 1-1-sessions at no charge.

Counselling can help with mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, eating disorders, low self-esteem, anger, or difficult life events, such as bereavement, relationship breakdown or work-related stress.

In counselling, people are encouraged to talk about their feelings and emotions with a counsellor who listens and supports without judgement or criticism.


Monthly Support Group for People Caring for a Family Member or Friend with a Mental Health Issue

Family Mental Health Support Banner

Are you caring for a family member or friend with a mental health issue? We offer a place where you can:

  • Get the emotional support that you need
  • Get practical advice and solutions for your concerns
  • Find out about the different support services available to you

Takes place on the last Monday of each month from 7 to 9 pm, at the Community Room, Tesco Gatwick, Reigate Road, Hookwood, Horley, RH6 0AT.

No need to book, just turn up…


Monthly Informal Coffee Mornings For People Who are Struggling to Cope with Life

Just Talk coffee morning banner

If you or someone you know are suffering with a mental health problem or are struggling with day to day life, why not take the first step and come and join us at one of our monthly ‘JUST TALK’ coffee mornings, between 10am and 1pm on the first Sunday of each month.

Please note we have a new venue!
The Old Fire Station Cafe, Albert Road, Horley RH6 7HB.

Our friendly welcoming team will be there for those who need to have a chat, however big or small your problem is – we will help you guide you in the right direction.

No need to book, just drop in for a coffee and a chat…

Men’s Talking Group

A Weekly Drop in Group in Salfords nr Redhill

Surrey Suicide Bereavement Support Service

A weekly drop in group for men, offering a confidential space for men to talk about issues affecting them and their mental health.

The Group meets every Tuesday from 7pm to 8pm at Salfords Village Hall, 5 Honeycrock Lane, Salfords, Surrey, RH1 5DG (parking in the road or in the church car park opposite).

Please arrive 5 minutes before the starting time.


Practical Support & Advice for Families Bereaved by Suicide

Surrey Suicide Bereavement Support Service

The death of a loved one through suicide is one of the most difficult situations to face. In the short term, the Surrey Suicide Bereavement Service helps families who are dealing with the loss of their loved one. We can help to review the family’s situation, and provide support and advocacy as needed.

In the medium term we support families as they grieve, and if needed we can help them access individual or family counselling.

In the long term we help to ensure that families have all the resources they need to support themselves and each other in the years to come.

If you or someone you know have been bereaved through the suicide of a loved one, take your first step and contact us today. We will get back to you within 24 hours.


A Six Week Mindful Programme for Young People who are Struggling to Cope With Life

Surrey Suicide Bereavement Support Service

The Hummingbird Process helps young people who are suffering from depression, anxiety, stress, low self-esteem or lack of confidence, or who are having trouble engaging in life due to a life-changing experience or trauma.

The program teaches breathing techniques and uses guided meditations to calm the mind and cut out the mind chatter that can lead to destructive thoughts helping people to get in touch with their inner selves.

Using journaling to record thoughts and feelings, the outcome is a tool to build mental resilience. People gain a better insight into their own patterns of behaviour, they get to challenge some limiting beliefs that they hold about themselves, and learn how to live a more authentic life.


If you need urgent help, please visit one of the following websites for information…




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