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Free Counselling Service

6 Weeks of 1-1 Counselling with a Trained Counsellor

AGE GROUP: 14 – 39 years
AREA COVERED: Currently Surrey Only

The Lucy Rayner Foundation funds a team of qualified counsellors who help young people by working with them in a safe, therapeutic environment. We offer a minimum of six 1-1-sessions at no charge.

Counselling can help with mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, eating disorders, low self-esteem, anger, or difficult life events, such as bereavement, relationship breakdown or work-related stress.

In counselling, people are encouraged to talk about their feelings and emotions with a counsellor who listens and supports without judgement or criticism.

The service is open to people who are aged between 14 and 39, and we primarily cover the county of Surrey.

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