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Lucy Marie Rayner, a beautiful, sensitive soul, a daughter, a sister, a girlfriend, a grand-daughter, a cousin, an auntie, a best friend, a helper, a hard worker, a diva, a perfectionist, a wild child, a risk taker, a party animal, the list goes on… took her own life on the 5th May 2012, aged 22.

No one saw it coming. It was a total surprise to us all.

As heart-broken as we all are, she explained how she felt in the letter she left in the moments before she took her own life. She loved us all but she didn’t love herself or her life, it was a struggle for her and she wanted some peace.

We all knew that she had mood swings and she did go to the doctor, but she was not diagnosed as having depression or any form of mental illness.

Lucy didn’t talk about her feelings and found it hard expressing her emotions.

The Lucy Rayner Foundation was set up in memory of Lucy, and aims to raise awareness of the signs and symptoms of depression in young adults through education and campaigning, to facilitate change in the way mental health is perceived by society, and to help prevent young people committing suicide.


In 2018, after months and months of filming, FACT NOT FICTION, a film production company based in Sussex, put the finishing touches on the short film LUCY – BREAKING THE SILENCE. The film is about Lucy’s life, and the work that her family has done since her death, to raise awareness of the signs and symptoms of depression in young people.

Tributes to Lucy

Happy Birthday in Heaven
I wish you were here today
even for just a little while
so I could say ‘Happy Birthday’
and see your beautiful smile.

The only gifts today will be
the gifts you left behind;
The laughter, joy and happiness
precious memories.

Today I’ll do my very best
to try and find a happy place,
struggling to hide my heavy heart
and the tears on my face.

I’ll sit quietly and look at your picture
thinking of you with love;
hoping you’re doing ok
in Heaven up above.

May the angels hold you close and
sing you a happy song.
Happy Birthday
Lucy Marie Rayner you’re my angel from above.

Dad xxxx

Stuart Rayner – 10th October 2015

It’s coming up to Christmas and I know that it will be hard for the family not having you with us.

I can remember you three girls rushing into our bedroom with your christmas stockings and sitting on our bed opening the many little gifts that me and dad spent most of Christmas Eve wrapping up! Just watching your faces as you opened each one. Then all of us going downstairs singing “I’m following the leader, the leader, the leader…” suddenly seeing your main presents in a big pile in the middle of the front room. Taking it in turn to open them…

These are memories I will never forget!

So now we make new memories in our new life without you!

Miss you xx

Mum xx

Jenny Rayner – 25th November 2015


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