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School Programme

Mental Health Training for Teachers in Surrey

The role of teachers and other education providers often goes above and beyond the school curriculum. Given the proportion of time teachers spend with students, it is no surprise they also fulfil a vital role in lending emotional support to young people struggling with mental health.

The Mental Health Awareness Training for Education Professionals course is designed to help teachers understand a variety of mental health issues and provides guidance on what options are available to help students overcome their mental health challenges and look to the future with renewed optimism.

Mental Health Student Workshops

We are proud to champion ‘Mental Health and Me’ student workshops throughout Surrey. These hour-long workshops are tailored around each school and run for 4 week periods. Between 10 and 15 selected students will meet each week to discuss various topics in a safe and secure environment. We believe in giving the students autonomy to select what issues are covered, which could be anything from self-harm to peer pressure and anxiety.

Mental Health Topics Covered

Young people can suffer from the same mental health issues as many adults, all whilst trying to figure out their identity and place in the world. Our mental health awareness training courses cover a variety of mental health topics including:

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Our workshops run concurrently with our MHFA training programmes and lunch and learn. You can find out more about these topics on our website.

Mental Health Workshops

Self-Harm Workshop (1 hour)

Self-harm affects thousands of young people in the UK and it can be hard to know how to respond to it in young people that you live/work with. This course will help you to consider helpful strategies for supporting young people who self-harm while also supporting your own wellbeing.

In this one-hour workshop, we will:

For more information on availability and costing, contact us by emailing Becky

Youth Mental Health First Aid Course (2 Days)

This two-day course trains you as a Youth Mental Health First Aider, giving you:

Why the Role of Schools Matters

Schools have an important part to play in supporting young people with their mental health. Around 10% of children are now reported to have a diagnosable mental health condition. The sooner problems are identified, then the sooner a child can be supported. Sometimes the signs of a child or young person struggling can be difficult to spot, yet the more awareness there is in schools the more likelihood there is a child will feel comfortable expressing themselves and opening up to an adult they trust.

Our Mission and Objectives

Get in Touch

Would you like to learn more about our mental health training for teachers? Our friendly team are here to talk to you. Call us on 01737 910 907 to book an appointment. Alternatively, you can email us at and a member of our team will respond to your enquiry as soon as possible.

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