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Mental Health Resilience

Mental Health Resilience Workshop in Surrey

Are you looking for ways to improve your mental health resilience? Join us for a 1 hour workshop, where we uncover what mental health resilience means to you and how to deal with difficult emotions and life events in a healthy way.

We know life can often be difficult, but do you ever wonder why certain people seem to have the ability to pick themselves up and dust themselves off far more quickly than others, despite insurmountable challenges? – the answer is that they have high levels of mental resilience.

Building Mental Health Resilience in our Society

One of lifes insurmountable myths is that resilience can’t be taught – you either have it or you don’t, however that is not the case.

Some people are naturally more resilient than others, just as some are more confident or sensitive. However, mental health resilience can indeed be nurtured and vastly improve your ability to cope with what life may throw at you.

What Does The Course Offer?

Ways to Improve Mental Health Resilience

Remember, the aim of becoming more mentally resilient is not to hide or suppress how you are feeling but how to bounce back more quickly following a setback. Below are some examples of how to improve your mental resilience:

Our Mission and Objectives

Get in Touch

Would you like to learn more about our mental health resilience workshop? Our friendly team are here to talk to you. Call us on 01737 910 907 to book an appointment. Alternatively, you can email us at and a member of our team will respond to your enquiry as soon as possible.

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