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Top tips for tackling loneliness by Melissa

Identifying that you’re lonely can be difficult. I often struggled to find similarities between me and other people. I found I was lonely when I supposedly had everything. This is what helped me.

1. Write to an author or sportsperson who inspires you or read a book by them

I became really interested in reading a few years ago. I found understanding, then I felt less lonely. “He gets it,” I thought. I’m not alone.

2. Volunteer with an organisation you feel reflects the same values you hold

When I was volunteering I had the freedom to think clearly. I could express myself. I found myself.

3. If you can, remove yourself from the environment contributing to your loneliness

I identified negative relationships and acknowledged their impact on my sense of loneliness. With this new awareness, I began forming positive connections.

4. Establish positive and sustainable relationships

Be curious and open to new connections. I always hoped I would find people like me. In being open, I connected with people who reflected what I did. I found community.

5. Do what’s natural to you

If that’s not doing what everyone else seems to be doing, so be it. You’ll find your way. Have confidence and be true to yourself.

7. Support a sports team

Sport has given me so much happiness. I feel like I’m part of something. When I’m supporting the football team I love, I feel connected. I’m part of the family.

8. Tell your story and create change

When you are ready, help others. It’s important for me to give back. I just want to help people.

Remember to look after yourself and think about your own mental health and emotional wellbeing. Take a look at our Mindfulness Monday videos if you’re looking for some mindfulness activities. If you’re interested in volunteering, visit the YSHive page to see what volunteer opportunities are available with Young Scot. Visit the AyeFeel Blogs page to check out more blogs. For more information about supporting your mental health and emotional wellbeing visit our AyeFeel page. You can also check out this poem written by Melissa speaking about how anxiety and depression can impact people differently. Melissa shares in the poem about the power of kindness and how it helped her.



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6. Look up

After completing the Great North Run for a military charity, I looked up in the train station on the way home and there was a soldier smiling. We had something in common. Mutual respect.

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